“Cimbal launched a contactless payment system that may finally crack the hardware dilemma - and it may reduce PCI risk associated with those mobile payments by keeping that data out of the retail files.”

Frank Hayes

Offer nearby deals to your customers.  Then accept their payment by electronic cash, debit or credit cards!

Cimbal allows you to accept credit and debit cards without a card terminal reader.  It's fast, free to sign up and no long term contracts.  Just your info and your phone.  It's that easy. Get started today!

We will never sell your email address to any 3rd party or send you nasty spam. Promise.

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Accept credit/debit cards today - no contracts!  Deliver local deals and create an instant loyalty program for your business!

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Local deals. Meet mobile payment. 

Cimbal is a mobile promotion and payment network designed to increase business sales and deliver targeted deals to consumers.

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Universal Payment Tender™
Pay for stuff in stores, online and even person-to-person all with the same, simple experience.  It's fast and free.

Deals just for you
Nearby deals tailored to your interests and location.  No spam.  Offers tailored to what you want when you want it.

Market Leading Security
No card reader. No plastic cards. Cimbal is more secure because you never give your financial information to anyone.

Increase sales
Engage consumers with deals to improve sales and create loyal, repeat customers.

Retail intelligence
Do you know who your customer is?  Cimbal's analytics engine can show you.  It's simple to use and understand.

All software
Turn your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC into a secure point-of-sale. No hardware to buy. Nothing to install.

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