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Who We Are

Cimbal Capital Group is a close team of executives with deep software and technology industry expertise. We share experience in software and internet service company investments, operations, mergers & acquisitions, product and market development, strategic analysis and profitable performance.

Our team collaborates to deliver financial and operation reengineered solutions in North America and Europe, achieving unmatched returns.


Our investments are the result of mindful analysis by professionals with decades of experience. All investments are consistent in our goal to deliver market-leading performance and the highest returns.


We take on investments where we believe the market undervalues their potential. Our team of professionals are trained to improve operations to maximize results.


Our investments are based on a focused thesis of uncorrelated market opportunities to deliver exceptional financial gain. Our investment process defines our outcome: every decision we make is based on our principles of market trends, available opportunities and anticipated time to exit to maximize IRR.

About Us

Cimbal Capital Group is a private equity firm focused on software and internet services. We measure success by the positive outcomes we achieve for our companies and the returns we deliver to our investors. Cimbal is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has undertaken investments throughout North America and Europe. Since its 2015 inception, Cimbal has created over $1.5 billion in transaction value.

Our senior team has held executive positions at leading technology firms including HP, IBM, Xerox PARC, Excite@Home, AT&T, and bulge bracket investment banks including J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Our collective experience delivers rigorous process execution and financial analysis combined with deep, software sector-focused operating expertise. Together this balanced approach delivers greater value to our companies and greater returns to our investors.


We are constantly analyzing market trends and working with our clients to identify market opportunities based on our investment thesis.


Our investment process defines our outcome: every decision we make is based on our principles of market trends, available opportunities and anticipated time to exit to maximize IRR.


Our philosophy is reflected in the investments we pursue, the partners with whom we align and impact we seek to endure.


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We are leading investors and advisers to the technology industry. Our team has decades of combined experience and strong relationships with global corporations and financial sponsors. We work with our portfolio companies and partners to examine, propose, and execute strategies that deliver positive outcomes.

Cimbal Capital Group brings together our investment philosophy and commitment to positive ESG impact alongside financial return. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Strategic Analysis

Our team of professionals have decades of combined experience. We work with companies to examine, propose, and execute strategies to deliver positive outcomes.

Acquisitions & Buyouts

We will invest to take majority controlling positions in companies. Our team is experienced in leveraged buy outs for entire enterprises to maximize value to management teams and shareholders.

IP Licensing

Our team licenses intellectual property to create derivative products as part of a larger enterprise or as new entities.

Structured Transactions

Our team works with enterprises to create unique solutions to achieve specific financial or corporate goals ranging from financial reengineering, revenue recognition, tax efficient results or similar corporate finance objectives.

Growth Investments

We bring our experience to each of our investments to help our portfolio companies excel in product innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable growth. We seek to partner with and support existing management teams to help deliver solid operating results and drive innovation.


Our team is well versed in acquiring business units or products to incorporate into larger opportunities or spin out into new companies with an end-goal of maximizing value.

Leadership Team

Our human capital is our most valuable asset. At Cimbal, we pride ourselves on hiring and retaining exceptional and diverse talent to build partnerships for success. We have a demonstrated track record of excellence that results from our high standards and entrepreneurial spirit. Our team is focused on continuing to advance our dynamic culture and develop young talent into future leaders.

Christopher Boone

Managing Partner

Henry Sang


Mark Bernstein


“The Cimbal team has great vision of what the marketplace needs and has the energy and persistence to get it done. We have enjoyed working with Cimbal.”


“Cimbal approached our company at the perfect time. We weren’t executing against our plan and had sacrificed much of our innovative spirit along the way. The Cimbal team pushed us to explore new opportunities and take risks. Cimbal offered great ideas and valuable perspective as seasoned business leaders which created new value and revenue streams we had not thought possible. I would absolutely work with Cimbal again.”

Greg SHead of Business Development



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